All About Travelling

A hobby, what ever it might be is definitely an entertaining activity as well as a stress buster. There are plenty of activities people do in their free time as well as relax their stressed thought. The common and popular hobbies are Stamp and also coin collection, music, painting, photography, reading and cooking. Among long,… Read the full article

The Facts About Travel and Tourism

Basic marketing principles used on travel and tourism marketing, is quite straightforward. Stay with me for a reference to developing a marketing plan for your destination. The the first thing to understand is that marketing not only the promotion of your destination, but will also the creation of a product that meets consumer requires. Modern… Read the full article

Enjoyment With Health Tourism Ideas

This is definitely a time of modern generation tourisms. Now health tourisms are at the top of all items. There are plenty of classifications are also contained in it with great applications. World is already following new generation concepts and ideas. Some of these ideas are happening in great landscapes of medical applications. Medical tourism… Read the full article

Corporate Social Responsibility. Dialogue with the tourism industry

Association for Cooperation with the South (ACSUR) – The Segovias, in consortium with KATE (Centre for Ecology & Development) and TourismWatch Stuttgart are developing the project “Dialogue of Corporate Social Responsibility in Tourism: of Path to a European Concept and Implementation Strategies in Companies “, co-financed by the European Union. Studies Code of ethics of… Read the full article